Qwazaar & Batsauce “Style Be The King EP” CD Pre-Orders

SHIP DATE: 6.29.2011
RELEASE DATE: 7.5.2011

Order @ Fifth Element Online

This Summer Fifth Element will exclusively release the CD version
of the Qwazaar & Batsauce-Style Be The King EP!

Batsauce provides 9 tracks laced with heavy soul and striking melody that are soundly
capable of capturing the intended emotion. Qwazaar once again proves without a doubt
that he is a extremely skilled MC and expert in his craft. Of course, he was blessed with
a captivating and powerful voice, combined with his impeccable rhythm and flawless delivery,
all make for a lethal combination. That’s all before getting to what many consider his greatest
asset, the lyrics! Qwazaar comes a wide range of topics, moods, & styles, all of which are
tackled with conviction and passion.


1.Run It
2.To The Death
3.I Remember
4.Mind Murder
5.Summer Fly By
6.Rule feat Chefket
8.Still Hurts
9.Style Be The King

Download ‘SHAKE’ for free, peep the Soundset Artist spotlight & get a brief
background check on Blaine @ FE Blog

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